Working at ESteem creating trend!

  • Flexible addressing

    Horizontal and creative organizational culture
  • Workplace

    Flexible and bright atmosphere
  • Performance-

    Recognized based on 'ability'
  • Equality

    System that enables members to work equally

Right person for us

  • Entrepreneurship

    A person enjoying new challenge and taking the lead
  • Responsibility

    A person with strong sense of ownership in and responsibility for his/her duties
  • Good Interpersonal Relationship

    A person with good personal relations and understanding of organizational life
  • Proactive Attitude

    A person who takes the initiative in everything and practices on his/her own
  • Creativity

    A person with full of unique ideas
  • Four Major Insurances and Retirement Pension

    Basic health and social insurances and retirement pension to support stability in life
  • Accident Insurance

    Accident insurance helps employees to work safely
  • Holiday and Entertainment Allowances

    Provide leave and allowance for congratulations and condolences of marriage/birth/70th birthday party/funeral
  • Birthday Gift

    Provide congratulatory money as a gift on employee birthday
  • Overtime Compensation

    Employees are to take a leave on weekday when he/she works on weekend or holiday
  • Overtime Meal and Transportation Allowances

    Provide meal and transportation allowances in the case of overtime at night
  • Company-provided Cell Phone

    Provide mobile phone for business
  • Cafeteria

    Provide healthy lunch daily
  • Educational Assistance

    Provide English and yoga class for self-development
  • Team Outing Expense

    Provide expenses for employee get-together
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